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things Like Photography, Videography and Graphic Design. How I have come to find interest in
railroads is beyond me. Still, I feel fortunate and privileged that I am capable of holding that interest,
considering the circumstances of the relationship between 21st-century youth and railroading.

Since 2016 I have helped out performing restoration work for the Durango Railroad Historical Society
on various pieces on their collection of Historic D&RGW Rolling Stock (Now on Public Display on the
Corner of East 9th Street and Cement Street in Silverton, Colorado) Such as D&RGW Refrigerated
Boxcar No. 39, MOW Bunk Car No. 04432, Flanger 0F, and The Emma Sweeney 20th Century Movie
Prop Locomotive (Currently on display at Santa Rita Park in Durango, Colorado) and was awarded
DRHS Lifetime Membership in November of 2019.

My interest in Photography, Videography, and Graphic Design sparked from some classes
in my Middle School that I luckily decided to take and gave me valuable skills with Adobe
Products like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere. I hope to make one of those my career
should nothing else come my way. Those classes also gave me a good sense of Technology
skills and knowledge in general and have benefited me in many different ways.

Howdy! I’m Joe Weigman. Throughout my 15 years of growing and living in the mountains of Southwest Colorado, I have developed a great appreciation and interest for Colorado’s incredibly overlooked, Rich and Diverse railroad history among other

As of late July 2020, I decided I wanted to learn HTML and CSS so I could build my own
actual website of which you are now looking at. My current high school had required my
class to make a “Digital Portfolio” to showcase projects I’ve worked on for school and
such, but everyone was pretty much limited to making their “DP” using modern and free website creation platforms such as Wix or Weebly. During my freshman year, I had managed to slap together a somewhat lame and ugly looking cookie-cutter Weebly website, but after a while, I had concluded that it would benefit me more if I didn’t use an easy modern cookie-cutter web design company and that if I were to make a website under my name, it should contain more than just what I’ve been doing in school, So here we are.

My site is mostly themed after the look of early HTML sites or what you would typically see in what’s known as “The Old Web” on sites like GeoCities which is also why my website is hosted by what would be classed as the spiritual successor to GeoCities (Appends the “” in the URL).

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