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Welcome to My Website. Here you can find a portfolio of my Photography and Videography, basic/general southwestern colorado railroad information and history, and ways to support me as well as projects my school requires me to publish online. My site is currently under construction as I get the hang of learning and practicing HTML and CSS to build it so expect to find a lot of placeholders and get redirected to pages that don't exist yet, but thanks for checking it out anyway 👍

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Since last time, I've:

  1. Worked heavily on making this homepage more friendly to different display sizes (a lot of converting things in the CSS to
    use Percentages instead of Pixels, Inches, EMs, etc.) I am looking forward to performing this on the other pages in the
    future, currently the about page is pretty nasty looking due to this issue and so do the other pages I have as well.
  2. Revised and added more accurate information to the Historical Photo of Interest paragraph, now has proper photo
    credits and made some other changes.
  3. Added proper padding to this page and made some other minor adustments overall

I'm hoping to add more soon, I'll probably be focusing on porting over the content from my HS DP now.
Stay tuned if you really feel the need to...

Historic Photo of Interest:

This is Boston, Coal & Fuel Company #1, a "Class-56" 2-8-0 Consolidation Steam Locomotive originally built for the Denver and Rio Grande Narrow Gauge Railroad as #80. The locomotive was later sold to the Rio Grande Southern Railroad (RGS) and was renumbered to #35. In 1901 George Franklin came to the Durango area and founded the Boston Coal & Fuel Company as a coal mine on the side of Perins Peak. George determined that it would be easier to have a railroad haul the coal down the Perins hillside and did just that. The BC&F railroad spur branched off the RGS at Franklin Junction (presumably named after George) and made its way 5 and 1/2 Miles up the hillside to the coal mine. Because it was a separate railroad from the RGS, the BC&F felt the need to buy their own locomotive, which happened to be RGS #35, and it was re-lettered and numbered to BC&F #1 "Perins Peak". The railroad spur started operation on November 25, 1901, and supposedly pulled seven gondolas down to the D&RG Durango Yard and back three times a day. The mine had also established the town of "Perrins", where BC&F employees and their families lived. Not long after the railroad spur and locomotive were eventually leased to the RGS, the mine ended up closing in 1927, and the locomotive was moved to Ridgway, where it was scrapped. (There are a few different stories about when the locomotive was leased to the RGS, if it was a lease or not and that there might have been issues over who actually owned it.)

Photo credit to the Friends of the C&TS Photo Colections, originally photographed by Frank Gonnen, 11/25/1901 (On the railroad line's opening). Today the site of Franklin Junction is now the Twin Buttes Subdivision, and a few hiking trails have been made out of the original BC&F Roadbed. View the route of the BC&F Railroad on my Silverton Railroads KML Map.

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